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Established in 2005, MAS is a 100% Libyan owned company with the vision to furnish every worker in the Libyan industry with the best possible Personal Protecting Equipment ("PPE") and Safety Products.

From the beginning MAS has been registered at the Libyan Chamber of Commerce to qualify for the participation in public tenders.

Certificate of registration.


MAS Company for Import of Machinery,
Equipment and Safety Products for Oil Fields
Karachi Street No. 14
Tripoli, LIBYA

Phone: +218 21 4446278 +218 21 4443322 +218 21 3344400
Mobile: +218 91 2111072
Fax:     +218 21 3344150
E-Mail to MASOIL

Abdulmonem Dokali Taha Dukali
CEO General Manager



Registered at the Libyan Chamber of Commerce
C.O.C.R. number 794
C.R. number 61291

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You are cordially invited to contact us and to visit our offices and showroom in downtown Tripoli - we have many interesting products to show!

Our facilities include an air-conditioned store in Dahra district.
On request, we can manage door to door deliveries to our customer's warehouses.