• Mercanta Competent in Safety

Since 2005 our customers have been HSE Departments, EMS and Security Departments. They save, rescue and protect people, and the environment.

Being their supplier and partner, we feel committed not only to operational and quality targets but also, as far as affordable, to enviroment conversation. We consider this to be a chance for the future. We engage ourselves to observe all laws, rules and internal standards relevant to the enviroment.

As a matter of course we convey correct information to our customers, the authorities and the public, aiming at an open and sincere dialogue. We also maintain an open dialogue with our suppliers and the principles mentioned play a decisive role when selecting them as they become involved in our ecological activities.

We understand sustainability as our responsibility towards the enviroment and the society. Our products are engineered to protect lives and safeguard health, so they perform a crucial function for the society.

A cornerstone of sustainability is seen in the long term orientation of our management decisions to ensure a successful future in conformity with the laws in force. We are committed to adhere to the Mercanta Code of Conduct which outlines the basic principles of behaviour which must be observed by all MAS staff. www.mercanta.com